Dusting Off

Hello!  Well, it’s been some time, hasn’t it?  Truth be told, I’m not sure I will be updating this very much, as I’m active elsewhere.

Current happenings:  the sea breeze has returned!  Maybe now I’ll get some rest.  I confess I’m not ready for summer, and our recent preview put me in a torpor.  And really, that’s my default state during summer.

Many goings-on, meanwhile.  It’s an active time before everyone parts ways and heads off to their summer haunts.  Naturally we’ve a bit of travel planned, but this summer will be different.  It’s time to schedule some regular events.  It’s also going to be a challenge with two of us working from home, so the office needs reworking to separate it from the tilt-a-whirl of summer family life.

There’s such a lot of frightening news at the moment, and really in our helplessness, what we must do is look around at those close to us and check in, and give them our appreciation.  And count our blessings every single day.


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