Avocado Lessons


Avocados:  the koans of the produce world.

Pause for a moment with me and consider.  These little dragon egg “butter pears” never arrive perfectly in our lives.  Warty, lumpy, sometimes stunted; we would not immediately call them beauties.  How judgmental of us!  For when an avocado hits its peak ripeness, its interior reveals a smooth, dreamy green.  And it nourishes us and pleases us.  It is versatile as well.  Not a day goes by without seeing an avocado-based dessert or smoothie.  It’s not all about the guacamole.

But it kind of is.

For when we buy these oval wonders, we often have to wait.

And wait.

And wait some more.

And then we must HURRY!  Hurry now, before the avocado turns brown!

Such a small little window.

Isn’t that like life?  We wait.  We wait for feedback on something.  We wait for summer.  We wait for a call or a text, and then realize we did not feel this way before something introduced the need for the waiting.

I was not wanting these avocados so badly until I had to wait for them to ripen!  That is a koan.

Appreciate that your efforts will bear fruit, even if there might be a bit of a rush when it all begins to happen.  Pause for a moment and savor that fruit.

These times call for avocado lessons.


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