Oh My Goodness

owlThis morning I had a phone call.  A phone call such as I’ve never experienced before.  The owl candle’s expression above?  That’s my face.  I am still in shock.

It was a GLORIOUS phone call!  A call in which, after decades of having worked on world building and writing when I could, and finishing something, and sending it out in the world tremulously…a call that thrilled me to my core.

I must preface any further commentary by saying that nothing is in stone.  But the feedback and energy behind the connection I made today just reiterated how so many years of work were worth it.  And it does not stop there!  I still have more work to do, and fortunately this individual encouraged me to keep on doing that.  But hearing excitement over something I made, myself, over a now 30+ years writing journey?  I am that owl.  My eyes must surely have grown into small balloons, to waft me skyward.  That is how I feel at this moment.

Where does it all lead?  Perhaps nowhere.  But the fuel is there, to keep lifting me higher, to keep me on task for forging ahead regardless of the outcome, and to keep making connections.

This is a grand day, yet there are chores to do.  And it’s a good thing they are, as I’ve got to bring myself back to the moments that still matter.  And I’ll steep in gratitude for those who have believed in me and supported me in my work.  It’s my hope that I can return the favor.

I can’t promise you, though, that I won’t remain owl-eyed for the rest of the day at least!


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