Pressing Pause

It’s been a too-busy week, trying to keep track of too many things.  A four-day weekend looms, and for the first time in weeks, we’ve nothing on the calendar.

Oh, I’ve got plans…need to mail a birthday card, pick up library books, try to stretch the pantry until payday, make some goodies with what we’ve got on hand.  I hope to get good exercise in, and a nap every afternoon.  But it’s kind of nice to have a breather.  To have it unfold instead of boxing it in.

And soon it will be June, and that month will be a sprint.  It’s already over -scheduled.  So…for now…I’m exhaling.  Looking around, drinking it in, and pressing pause.

Sky Gazing

It’s a very May sort of May Day here.  The tiny white clouds, the bright green leaves.  To the West, you can see the marine layer, waiting to drift in tonight:  our natural air conditioning.  

I started a short story today.  I decided I needed to put some more work out there, try and get into a magazine or something.  I confess I tumbled right into it and couldn’t stop writing.  So I didn’t know until just now how lovely the sky looked!

Now I’m taking in the sunshine and the wind, and thinking of resting my eyes for the rest of the day.  Hope all of you have been out and looked at the sky today.