Farewell June

June drifted in and out, as ephemeral as the marine clouds that burn off in the summer sunshine.The sun shone above despite some June Gloom on some of the days.

Petals like fallen gold carpeted the park.

I enjoyed making sun tea, and adding hibiscus syrup to it.

And I tried a refreshing, budget friendly Rosé wine to send off the month in style.

As the calendar turns to July, I reflect on the ups and downs of this past month and steep in gratitude for time with friends, good food and drink, healing of loved ones far away, and for the beauty of it all. 

Thank you, June.


Lazy Saturday

It’s good practice to have an unstructured weekend.  At first there’s this feeling of relief that nothing is on the calendar.  One can linger over extra coffee.  Catch up on magazines.  Have afternoon tea.

But something happened.  I noticed it was hard to sit still for long.  Not having planned anything, I began to notice things I’d neglected due to a busy schedule.  And once I started working on these things, I realized the day had breezed by.  By no means are all the weekend chores finished, but it feels good.

So rather than being a lazy Saturday, it’s been a productive and satisfying one.  I could get used to this brand of Saturday.

Pressing Pause

It’s been a too-busy week, trying to keep track of too many things.  A four-day weekend looms, and for the first time in weeks, we’ve nothing on the calendar.

Oh, I’ve got plans…need to mail a birthday card, pick up library books, try to stretch the pantry until payday, make some goodies with what we’ve got on hand.  I hope to get good exercise in, and a nap every afternoon.  But it’s kind of nice to have a breather.  To have it unfold instead of boxing it in.

And soon it will be June, and that month will be a sprint.  It’s already over -scheduled.  So…for now…I’m exhaling.  Looking around, drinking it in, and pressing pause.