Yesterday, I took one look at the weather forecast for the inland Southwest and said, “Nope.”  So now we’ve altered our trip plans and will explore the parks in autumn instead.

I feel even more excited about this, as one reservation agent said fall is best for seeing wildlife.  And of course, fall color, which is legendary in the mountain West.  It’s also great elsewhere throughout the West, with lower elevations turning much later in the year.

So, some alterations.  The plus side?  Day trips and letting summer guide us, rather than the other way around.  I kicked that attitude off with a visit to the Little Italy Farmers Market, or Mercato, this morning.

It had been a few months since I had visited.  And so now it’s an explosion of summer fruits and veggies!
Flowers too…

Local mead and soda and jams…

And of course it would not be summer without stone fruits in particular!

Summer guides us now.  Local, fresh foods, sunny days, languid nights.  That’s a fair tradeoff, I do think.

Producers of these lovelies:

Jackie’s Jams

Susie’s Farm

Smit Farms

Superfood Coffee Co

Golden Coast Mead

Stay cool, everyone!


Lazy Saturday

It’s good practice to have an unstructured weekend.  At first there’s this feeling of relief that nothing is on the calendar.  One can linger over extra coffee.  Catch up on magazines.  Have afternoon tea.

But something happened.  I noticed it was hard to sit still for long.  Not having planned anything, I began to notice things I’d neglected due to a busy schedule.  And once I started working on these things, I realized the day had breezed by.  By no means are all the weekend chores finished, but it feels good.

So rather than being a lazy Saturday, it’s been a productive and satisfying one.  I could get used to this brand of Saturday.